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The Department of Geography

Creating a new landscape at The University of Sheffield

The Department of Geography works collaboratively with governmental agencies, policy makers, think tanks, charities, NGOs and is committed to tackling some of the biggest social and environmental issues and problems.

Field have produced a visual identity for the department which sits within the overaching University framework. The printed materials reflect the nature of the subject, utilising graphic features of the landscape and printed formats such as map folds that connect the physicality back to the subject matter.

TUOS-Geography_0014_Geography 5.jpg
TUOS-Geography_0013_Geography 6.jpg
geography films still
Geography Video Thumb
TUOS-Geography_0012_Gepgraphy 7.jpg
TUOS-Geography_0011_Geography 8.jpg
TUOS-Geography_0010_Geography 9.jpg
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TUOS-Geography_0008_GEography 11.jpg
TUOS-Geography_0007_Geography 12.jpg
TUOS-Geography_0003_Geography 16.jpg
TUOS-Geography_0006_Geography 13.jpg
TUOS-Geography_0004_Geography 15.jpg
TUOS-Geography_0002_Geogrphy 17.jpg
TUOS-Geography_0000_Geography 19.jpg
TUOS-Geography_0001_Geogrphy 18.jpg