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 image for Sheffield Technology Parks project

Sheffield Technology Parks

Interior design and vinyl installation for the home of innovative digital companies

Sheffield Technology Parks is home to some of the most innovative digital companies in the region, as well as professional support services. The Tech Parks campus is housed in a large, cavernous building, which can sometimes become confusing for new visitors. Field were commissioned to re-invigorate the large, winding interiors of the building, using our experience in interior design and wayfinding to give a new lease of life to the space.

Our approach was to create a visual language using colour and pattern which differ and change depending on the zone you are currently in. Signage was re-designed to communicate more effectively and efficiently, directing visitors to wherever they need to go with ease. The visual approach is rolled out to be consistent across all signage and wayfinding, which allows visitors to quickly begin navigating the space. We also worked with a local carpentry company to build custom table and desk spaces, including a sleek new front desk space which has become a central hub within the building.

Approaching the project with strategy and communication at the forefront, we have helped to revive the space to become a cohesive and calm working environment.