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Evolution of the Prospectus

The Sheffield College

The Sheffield College propectus is still a vital tool in the marketing and promotion of its courses. Alongside the website, this is the key driver for applications throughout the year.

Field designed and managed the look and feel, structure and photographic art direction. Over the past three years Field have evolved the prospectus alongside the college brand.

Sheffield-College-Branding_0020_Layer 11.jpg
Sheffield-College-Branding_0019_Layer 12.jpg
Sheffield-College-Branding_0013_Layer 18.jpg
Sheffield-College-Branding_0014_Layer 17.jpg
Sheffield-College-Branding_0008_Layer 23.jpg
Sheffield-College-Branding_0012_Layer 19.jpg
Sheffield-College-Branding_0009_Layer 22.jpg
Sheffield-College-Branding_0003_Layer 28.jpg
Sheffield-College-Branding_0002_Layer 29.jpg
Sheffield-College-Branding_0024_Layer 7.jpg
Sheffield-College-Branding_0027_Layer 4.jpg
Sheffield-College-Branding_0028_Layer 3.jpg