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Sheffield Central Counselling

A contemporary website and custom booking system for a local counselling service.

Sheffield Central Counselling provides counselling and psychotherapy in Sheffield City Centre.  Despite supplying this important service within the local community, Sheffield Central Counselling were facing a loss of revenue due to last minute cancellations as well as general ongoing admin which was distracting the counsellors from their core purpose. SCC brought Field on board to help address these issues.

We built a custom, online booking system which streamlines the booking system and communicates more effectively to the user. The system allows the user to not only choose the date and time with their preferred counsellor, but also pay for the session up front. Registration emails prompt the collection of other pre-assessment information, freeing up time in their initial session for counselling, and SMS text reminders ensure the client stays engaged. 

We tried and tested the booking system at every stage and worked closely with Sheffield Central Counselling to ensure it would address the issues, allowing the Sheffield Central Counselling team to focus on their work in the community.