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A Google enabled cloud-based project management system

A purpose-built system imagined by designers for designers, and developed by our in-house team at Field, Paddock is a project management service for the multi-disciplinary creative agency. This carefully considered system allows flexible and streamlined workflow with a collaborative ethos in mind, communicating effectively and efficiently between all facets of an agency, from accounting to design.

Based on a tried and tested structure of client to project to task, Paddock can assign supplied print quotes to job IDs, standardise the organisation of assets on a centralised file server and track a project from initial proposal and agreed costs through to completion and invoice. Paddock works on a layered hierarchical system, from a broad project overview down to key specificities that are vital to managing projects on a larger scale. The use of colour serves to enhance this system, with the bright yellow moving with you as you navigate the system, highlighting the next step to the process as the previous steps fall back to muted blacks and greys.

Like any design agency, Paddock continues to evolve and grow to now include task status, project management, timeslips, deadlines and milestones as well as third party integrations, such as communicating with team members via Slack, creating invoice contacts in Xero and automated Google Team Drive folder structure for each new client or project. Paddock is an indispensable tool that automates much of the administrative process, allowing our designers to focus on what we do best.