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Materials Science & Engineering

Developing innovative printed materials

The Department of Materials Science & Engineering at The University of Sheffield develop innovative materials which improve lives and protect the environment, having a real impact on global, societal challenges. World leading staff and the talented students can control the structure of a material to tailor its properties to suit its application, ranging from glass, sports equipment, aerospace, biotechnology, environment and climate change.

Field took inspiration from the meticulous research done within the department to inform the die cut circular approach, giving focus and clarity to specific elements within the bigger, more detailed picture.



TUOS-Materials_0014_Layer 20.jpg
TUOS-Materials_0016_Layer 21.jpg
TUOS-Materials_0017_Layer 1.jpg
TUOS-Materials_0008_Layer 17.jpg
TUOS-Materials_0011_Layer 14.jpg
TUOS-Materials_0013_Layer 19.jpg
TUOS-Materials_0002_Layer 9.jpg
TUOS-Materials_0003_Layer 7.jpg