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5th June 2019



LeapSTONE helps clients and agencies work together to use design and creativity more effectively to innovate, solve problems and add value.

Established in 2009, leapSTONE approached Field.Studio to refresh the look and feel of the brand. leapSTONE needed an identity that would work in a cross-channel environment.

The key message of leapSTONE is that design is a truly powerful method when approaching a problem, creating opportunities and innovating change. Design goes well beyond what most people understand it can do and leapStone needed a brand and identity that successfully reflected this messaging.

Field.Studio work with a design-led approach to all projects, making the partnership with leapSTONE a very productive one. Field.Studio understands that thinking and working visually helps unlock potential opportunities that would otherwise be missed.

The identity created for leapSTONE is strong and reflects their ethos. The website was built with a design first approach and all content was added to ensure strong SEO without diluting the message of the brand.