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Clear Legal Branding

A multi threaded branding project covering all aspects of the business

Clear Legal is a growing, forward thinking, law firm based in Manchester that provides a full range of legal services all over the UK.

In order to create an inspiring and confident environment in which to expand their firm, Field re-branded the company using isometric grids which allows for the creation of more sub-brands beyond Clear Law and Clear Commercial.

Clear-Legal-Branding_0011_Vector Smart Object.jpg
Clear-Legal-Branding_0010_Vector Smart Object.jpg
Clear-Legal-Branding_0009_Vector Smart Object.jpg
Clear-Legal-Branding_0008_Vector Smart Object.jpg
Clear-Legal-Branding_0007_Vector Smart Object.jpg
Clear-Legal-Branding_0006_Vector Smart Object.jpg
Clear-Legal-Branding_0005_Vector Smart Object.jpg
Clear-Legal-Branding_0004_Vector Smart Object.jpg
Clear-Legal-Branding_0001_Layer 5.jpg
Clear-Legal-Branding_0003_Layer 1.jpg
Clear-Legal-Branding_0000_Layer 7.jpg