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Cerámica @ RIBA North

Brand and print materials embracing craft and texture for a global architect group

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is a global professional membership, delivering better buildings, places, stronger communities and sustainable environments. RIBA North is a new national architecture centre and cultural destination on the waterfront in Liverpool. Cerámica was the first exhibition at RIBA North in 2017, exploring ECAlabs experimental design methodologies using traditional and digital engineering processes for sustainable architecture.

 image for Cerámica @ RIBA North project

Field developed an identity for the Cerámica exhibition, combining clean typography with textures we created using clay to create a dynamic, tactile logo that captures the subject of the exhibition. This textural approach is echoed across the brand, collaging together photography and illustrative elements with bold blocks of colour.

Alongside the brand we produced a suite of beautifully crafted print materials to promote the exhibition across the North of England. The printed material was designed to be cherished long after the exhibition, with architectural and ceramic references throughout. Drawing on our expertise in print production and processes we designed each document with a two-colour print on a variety of paper stocks, giving each one character and individuality.

Gallery image for Cerámica @ RIBA North project