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Brochure design for course promotion

The School of Art, Architecture and Design at Leeds Beckett University is home to over 2,000 students, creating a mix of activity and inspiration. The school needed an identity to reflect this when they promote the course outside of the university.

Field created an identity for the School of Art, Architecture and Design (AAD) that reflects the place where the courses live, and represents a strong contemporary image to potential students and the industry. The forms of the identity are derived form the iconic arts building (The rusty building to the locals). These geometric shapes form a modular identity that can be applied in structured but fluid way.

Leeds-Beckett-Print_0009_Layer 5.jpg
Leeds-Beckett-Print_0004_Layer 18.jpg
Leeds-Beckett-Print_0011_Layer 2.jpg
Leeds-Beckett-Print_0000_Layer 22.jpg
Leeds-Beckett-Print_0001_Layer 21.jpg
Leeds-Beckett-Print_0002_Layer 20.jpg
Leeds-Beckett-Print_0007_Layer 10.jpg
Leeds-Beckett-Print_0008_Layer 8.jpg
Leeds-Beckett-Print_0003_Layer 19.jpg